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Learning new words through the K-drama: “그녀는 예뻤다” (She was pretty) — October 12, 2015

Learning new words through the K-drama: “그녀는 예뻤다” (She was pretty)

20 New Korean Vocabulary Words

If you are also a visual learner like me then I am sure that hard-core vocabulary lists and plain flash cards are not your cup of tea. Flashcards with pictures are definitely a better option but nothing works magic like videos, especially drama series, movies and similar audio-video contents. In my case, since I am learning Korean, it’s the K-dramas and other K-TV programmes. Like I said in my earlier post, dramas and movies are a great way of learning the most commonly used phrases and enriching your vocabulary.

Talking about me, the phrases and words that I learn through them are imprinted in my brain right away. So I can easily remember them and recall them. (Association works great when you remember the plot of the drama). Moreover, they serve as excellent listening exercises and therefore are extremely effective. Hence, I try to watch k-programmes and dramas as much as possible.

One of the latest K-dramas that I am currently hooked on is the MBC 수목 드라마 – Wednesday-Thursday drama called  “그녀는 예뻤다”-“She was pretty”, which is pretty fun so far and I am already learning many new words through it. So I thought why don’t I share my latest list of words that I learnt from this drama with you all. So here’s my 20-word vocabulary list from the 8 episodes of  “She was pretty” that has been aired so far.

20- Word Korean Vocabulary List

  1. 재혼하다= to remarry
  2. 회사원=employee, office worker
  3. 방해하다=to disturb, to interrupt
  4. 착각하다=to misunderstand, to mistake
  5. 오버하다=to overreact, to overdo, to go overboard, to exaggerate
  6. 사원증=employee ID card
  7. 유난스럽다=unusual, out of ordinary, fussy, fastidious
  8. 가뜩이나= (it’s bad enough) already
  9. 피하다=to avoid, to dodge, to evade ( 피해=harm, damage)
  10. 요상스러운=bizarre, strange, odd
  11. 공유하다=to share
  12. 기준=standard, criteria
  13. 적용하다=to apply (rules, regulations, law, reasoning, logic,etc)
  14. 심부름=errand
  15. (국제) 왼손잡이의 날 = International left-handers’ day
  16. 이동하다=to travel, move, migrate
  17. 떠올리다=to recall, recollect
  18. 박제되다=be stuffed, kept
  19. 호= issue, edition (of a magazine)
  20. 실리다=to be put, inserted, published, reported on a board, magazine, advertisements, literary works, etc

  1. 재혼하다= to remarry 


아버지 혹시 재혼하셨나해서.

Perhaps your father had remarried.

Naver dictionary link (네이버 사전 링크)

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