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Learn 35 NEW WORDS from the NEW EPISODES (9-11) of the K-drama: “그녀는 예뻤다” (She was pretty) — October 24, 2015

Learn 35 NEW WORDS from the NEW EPISODES (9-11) of the K-drama: “그녀는 예뻤다” (She was pretty)

35 Additional Korean Vocabulary Words

In my last post, I gave you 20 Korean words from the 8 episodes of the latest Korean drama “그녀는 예뻤다”-“She was pretty”.

In this post, I have compiled 35 additional words from the remaining three episodes (9 to 11) which have been aired so far.(Damn! I wish we had got the 12th episode too. If only the episode hadn’t been cancelled due to the live baseball telecast).

If you are also a visual learner like me then I am sure that hard-core vocabulary lists and plain flash cards are not your cup of tea. Flashcards with pictures are definitely a better option but nothing works magic like videos, especially drama series, movies and similar audio-video contents. In my case, since I am learning Korean, it’s the K-dramas and other K-TV programmes. Like I said in my earlier post, dramas and movies are a great way of learning the most commonly used phrases and enriching your vocabulary.

Talking about me, the phrases and words that I learn through them are imprinted in my brain right away. So I can easily remember them and recall them. (Association works great when you remember the plot of the drama). Moreover, they serve as excellent listening exercises and therefore are extremely effective. Hence, I try to watch k-programmes and dramas as much as possible.

One of the latest K-dramas that I am currently hooked on is the MBC 수목 드라마 – Wednesday-Thursday drama called  “그녀는 예뻤다”-“She was pretty”, which is pretty fun so far and I am already learning many new words through it. So I am writing these posts so that other Korean language learners can also learn these words. Here have a look at my 35-word-vocabulary list from episodes 9 to 11.

  1. 주근깨= freckles
  2. 투덜대다 (also 투덜거리다) = to complain, to grumble
  3. 핑계대다 = to make or give excuses
  4. 정작 =  actually, really
  5. 빼먹다 = to omit, to leave out, to miss
  6. 화려하게 = glamorously, splendidly, brilliantly, impressively, fancily, dramatically
  7. 오글거리다 = to get goosebumps
  8. 사회자 = emcee (MC-Master of ceremony), host, anchor (of a show, program, etc)
  9. 마감 =  deadline
  10. 수명을 줄이다 = reduce the length of one’s life/lifespan (수명을 줄여가다 = be reduced (lifespan), passive form)
  11. 취재 = news gathering assignment (of a reporter), coverage
  12. 동화 = children’s story book, fairy tale
  13. 재해석하다 = to reinterpret
  14. 기발하다 = novel, brilliant, original, innovative
  15. 망설이다= to hesitate, waver, (망설임= hesitation)
  16. 종점=last stop, end of the line of a route, terminal (station)
  17. 막상 = Now that (something has actually happened)
  18. 신경쓰다=to bother, to get on one’s nerves (신경 쓰이다=to be bothered, be annoyed by, be nervous about something, passive form of 신경 쓰다)
  19. 정직한= honest, frank
  20. 몹시= very, really, extremely, terribly
  21. 압수= confiscation, seizure
  22. 개명하다= to change one’s name
  23. 거슬리다= to be unpleasant, offensive, irritating, annoying
  24. 꼬이다 = get messed up, get screwed, get twisted, entangled
  25. 응원하다 =  to cheer, to root for
  26. 동창 = classmate, alumni, school friend, batch-mate
  27. 공과 사를 구분하다 = to keep one’s private and public (professional) matter separate
  28. 호무하다 = be not in the least, be not at all, be not a bit , empty
  29. 시사회 =  preview (of movies, dramas, books, shows, etc)
  30. 애초에 = at first, in the beginning, primarily, originally
  31. 무리한 =  unreasonable/impractical
  32. 발전 가능성 = development possibility/ possibility for development/progress
  33. 유일한 = one and only, only
  34. 판매 부수 = number of copies sold, circulation
  35. 오싹하다 = to get/have the chills, to be freaked out by something

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